The main scope of the event is to review the proposed by the Municipality of Kozani Action Plan according to specific suggestions and remarks from the stakeholders.


During the meeting the Municipality of Kozani will give feedback to the stakeholders regarding the study visits realized in the 6th semester of the project, the good practises that emerged from the project and the activities of the other partners action plans.


The main subject of the event is the implementaion of the Action Plan for Circular Economy. The plan will be presented to the stakeholders and a discussion concerning the actions inclunded in the Plan, the needed activities for the implementation of the actions, the timeframe and implementation cost will follow. Special reference will be made to the level of involvement of each stakeholder and their role in the implementation of the plan. Also, the methodology for the plan implementaion and monitoring will also be discussed.


The results of the meeting will provide the final stakeholder input for the Action Plan and for drawing the final version of the Action Plan.