Public Awarness Event regarding industrial symbioiss and circular economy in Western Macedonia.

A review of the project’s activities implemented during the 1st Phase will be presented as well as the final Action Plan on Circular Economy, as it is formed after the discussions during the Stakeholders Meeting and The Public Consultation Event; the presentation will include the activities for the implementation of the Action Plan, the timeframe and implementation cost. Special reference will be made to the level of involvement of each stakeholder, their role in the implementation of the plan, the methodology for the plan implementaion and monitoring will also be presented.


Together with SYMBI project, the Action Plans of two more Interreg Europe projects related to Circular Economy will be also presented; BIOREGIO (Regional circular economy models and best available technologies for biological streams) and CESME that addresses SME inclusion in the circular economy.


Also LIFE project named M3P (Material Match Making Platform for promoting the use of industrial waste in local networks) which creates a platform that will be used by SYMBI for the implementation of its Action Plan.


Finally an example of Industrial Symbiosis and Circular Economy in the sector of wood processing will be presented by a private industry.