After a five-year path, as Project manager, I want to dedicate this space to our fellow partners with whom we have shared moments of work, fun and concern.

7 countries with different cultures and habits met for the first time in Badajoz. I remember the embarrassment of the first moments but I also remember the professionalism, availability and friendliness of the Lead Partner and all his staff.I remember the breaks enriched by essential and refined meals... a welcome that could not fail to impress me.

I remember the first introductions between us and the words to understand something more about each other: Maria Gracia and Maika, Harri and Arto, Pedro, Alicja and Michal, Giorgios, Marjana, Zoltan...

Some of them gradually took different paths, others joined the team like Iida and Dejan!

Together we visited unknown realities and learned a lot from the experiences of each one: in Hungary, Greece, Spain, Poland, Finland, Slovenia and of course also in Italy, in Molise, one of the smallest regions of Italy unknown to most!

I remember the emotion of having to host each of them and to welcome them in the best way taking care of the whole organization in the smallest details... it was March 2018, the period in which spring should arrive and instead it was snowing in Campobasso!!! A snowfall that surprised everyone positively and negatively... no one was equipped to face 15/20 centimeters of snow!

It was really nice to be able to show our reality and understand where and how we work, meet our stakeholders, show how Molise and Italy were dealing with the issue of Circular Economy and Industrial Symbiosis.

Here is the souvenir photo in our Campobasso office:

These meetings have undoubtedly enriched us humanly and professionally. Now our knowledge on the issues of Circular Economy and Industrial Symbiosis allow us to be one of the pivotal bodies in our region and a reference point for businesses and institutions. And at a time when the coronavirus pandemic has given us a terrible lesson by finally making politics and world governments aware of the importance of respecting the environment and the use of resources, we are truly proud to have been part of the SYMBI team having acquired the aforementioned awareness for some time and now being able to transfer our know-how to those who govern.

A single regret: not having been able to greet in person all the friends of the Symbi staff during the Final Conference of the project organized online (due to the pandemics) by the Lead Partner.

I take this opportunity to thank Maria Gracia, and all her staff, for having been an attentive and always present guide.

Good luck to all my fellow adventurers... it was really a pleasure to meet you.

Francesca Cuna

SYMBI Project Manager in Chamber of Commerce of Molise