The CircLean Network, launched by DG GROW and funded by the European Parliament, supports the set up and pilot phase of an innovative, entirely industry-led network of businesses and SMEs to seize industrial symbiosis business opportunities.

The launch event, that will take place on-line on the 23/02/2021, will contribute to showcase the CircLean Network as a concrete opportunity to unleash the potential of industrial symbiosis for European businesses.

The objectives of the event are to:

• Promote the CircLean network as an opportunity for businesses, public authorities, public/private partnerships and business associations to develop a common methodology for reporting IS exchanges;

• Increase businesses competitiveness, foster green-growth and eco-innovation and shift to circular economy models;

• Inspire stakeholders to join the CircLean Network to influence the future of IS in Europe by gaining access to the Circlean methodology, online tools and label and being able to co-create them with the other members.

Our Lear partner, FUNDECYT PCTEX will take part in the second roundtable about the importance of Industrial Symbiosis for the EU Green Deal and an interactive discussion will follow, sharing the activities and knowledge gained during SYMBI

More information can be found here: