Malopolska region, representing SYMBI project attends to the 2nd edition of the Open Eyes Economy Summit (OEES) was dedicated to 4 thematic areas:


Intangible assets management

Urban circular economy

Fair trade – fair game

Jobless growth – are we ready?


The event brought many well-known speakers representing the world and EU institutions, international companies, universities and NGO’s. Mr. Marc de Wit, the Director of Strategic Alliances, Circle Economy opened the Urban circular economy session with his voice on the Circular Blueprint for the World.

Thanks to the support of European Commission, Shell, IKEA, Ernst and Young, Coca-Cola,Fortum Orange ect. during the OEES committee managed to organized many inspiring session.

Thanks to invited panellists the topic of circular economy and industrial symbiosis was one of the most popular during the event. Representatives of all municipal units from the city of Krakow discussed the current and potential means in developing CE in practise.

The local leader in the field of CE are the Krakow Municipal Holding and the Krakow Waste Management Enterprise. The local policy makers listened to invited speakers from cities and regions were CE is being successfully implemented since many years. The best practices came from France, Germany, UK and Estonia.

The waste topic was also present during coffee brakes thanks to many exhibitions in the halls and corridors of the event venue. One of them named “Let’s talk about garbage” gained much interested thanks to very creative approach by showing the eco-design means the biggest issues with not eco-friendly items and equipment.