The first day session will begin with opening talks from the host partners, will continue with an overview of work carried out in the first 11 project months, from Lorenzo Sabatini, ASEV (Lead Partner) and from each region (brief updates on work carried out) and after that the working sessions will start.

The sessions are designed to discuss nanoremediation concepts, provide input on various issues related to implementing and funding innovative remediation of soil and water. Each topic will be moderated and will include a presentation from an expert speaker, who presents their work according to a common format highlighting the most relevant information for the TANIA project.
Following their presentation, an open debate will be carried out in a round table format with TANIA partners and other experts invited to the event. After lunch, the first day meeting will be continued with two study visits that will engage the partnership during the whole afternoon.

In the second day meeting  Partners and stakeholders will participate in an interactive session, focusing on their Exchange Templates  and the lessons learned from the Nanoremediation workshop the previous day. The focus will be on matching the challenges that they identified in their regional exchange, with some possible solutions or some proposed solutions. After lunch, the partnership will be committed with communication and financial updates and thereafter the 3rd meeting will be concluded.