In Semester 5, TANIA Project Stakeholders (TPS) move from regional and interregional exchange to Merge Expertise, completed through the submission of a set of Good Practices (GPs), continuing with Action Plan development activities. Further expanding the work undertaken during TEE5, partners identify a list of Actions and a related work plan that will support them towards the redaction of their final Action Plans.

Building on Step 1 and 2 of the 3-Step Action Plan Templates, TANIA regions define specific means of improving the selected policy instrument and examine the feasibility of their plan. Operative activities and related timing of implementation are set up, foreseeing involved stakeholders, risks and contingency plans. Transfer of Solutions/GPs is further evaluated and planned, preparing and developing content shared through ongoing Bilateral/small group consultations on Solution Transfer.

TANIA Exchange Event 6 gathers partners and stakeholders to cooperate in a suite of interactive sessions in order to:
•    Compare the drafted 3rd Steps of the 3-Step Action Plan Template to peer-review used methodology, proposed actions and areas of concern;
•    Proceed with planning and exchange in the context of Solutions Transfer;
•    Receive further input on possible actions to bridge eventual gaps.