In Semester 5, TANIA Project Stakeholders proceed with Action Plan development activities. The Seventh TANIA Exchange Event (TEE7) is designed to support this, throughout various sessions examining draft Action Plans and activities to develop them. Exchange of knowledge is promoted through a technical session gathering scientific contributions related (nano)remediation and considering the proposal to expand our work to put in place an in-situ demonstration of environmental safety of nano-remediation (presented at TEE6 and in follow up communications).

Therefore TEE7 encourages partners and stakeholders to engage in a number of interactive sessions with the purpose of:

  • Bringing into comparison drafted Action Plans to peer review identified Actions, work plans for their implementation, and relevant stakeholders to collaborate with, in order to achieve policy improvements; 
  • Taking in additional scientific content on the outlook of innovative remediation techniques, analysing interlinked policy implications; 
  • Exploring activities and technical details to structure the development of the joint project proposal

Partners will take also part in the Steering Committee meeting, covering Communication and Management.