TANIA partnership has organised an international Symposium to discuss project results and learn about the most recent experiences in the innovative (nano)remediation sector, from the scientific and policy perspective. This one-day event, called Novel Environmental Remediation Techniques and Policy Instruments, will be held the next 19 November in Lahti, Finland, from 8.45 to 17.00, at the Congress and Concert Center Sibelius Hall.

The event wants to bring together actors from Finland and Europe to learn about the most recent topics in the novel environmental remediation techniques along with policy instruments. The focus of the symposium is to present the innovative existing remediation solutions and the supporting policy instruments by linking the technical-scientific aspect with political level. The topic will be addressed at the European and Finnish level in three sessions, which includes keynote and case presentations followed by panel discussions.

The event will be attended by experts in academia, business and government interested in remediation solutions of contaminated areas and policy instruments.

It is important to underline that the event goes beyond the borders of the project partnership and assumes an international value: if on the one hand, the moments of exchange and learning within the partnership were indeed many, on the other hand, with this event, the TANIA project wanted to promote a meeting and debate at an international level in which experiences of great effectiveness outside the project dynamics will be presented and discussed.

 It is a free-of-charge event and it is possible to take part in by enrolling within 30 October 2019 through the link at the and of the article.

The program of the event is downloadable here.