The 8th TANIA Exchange Event (TEE8) will foresee a series of working sessions to have partners present their final Action Plans and the means to integrate the received reviews. Particular attention will be reserved for Implementation work plans for Phase 2 and monitoring activities. 

TEE8 is designed to involve partners and stakeholders in interactive sessions with the aim at:

  • Presenting Action Plans to describe updated sections and latest details inserted into the final version, in order to evaluate the integration of reviews; 
  • Presenting and discussing activities to be implemented during Phase 2 and monitoring, in order to attain and manage regional policy improvement. 

Partners will take also part in the Steering Committee meeting, covering Communication and Management.

The day before the meeting, the 19th of November, TANIA project has organised a Symposium organised to discuss project results and learn about the most recent experiences in the innovative (nano)remediation sector, from the scientific and policy perspective.

Here is available the agenda of both events.