The 2nd TANIA Exchange Event will be held in Pécs (Hungary) on 22nd-23rd May, next the Baranya County General Assembly Hall.

The TEE takes forward work initiated during and after the kick-off meeting on understanding regional needs in treatment of contaminated sites and will be based on interactive workshops, expert presentations and study visits to gain in-depth knowledge of the concept, possible applications, and challenges to novel techniques for remediation.

The event is designed to compare similarities and differences between the challenges identified at project level in each partner region and to see where partners’ priorities lie, in terms of the territorial situation and the policy context.

The event is structured to promote interactive debate and participative sessions also with the regional stakeholders coming from the hosting and other participant regions

Partner inputs will be based on the information gathered at regional level within the TANIA Exchange Template and through the TANIA Regional Stakeholders group meetings that have taken place previously and in parallel in each participating region.