In accordance with the 5th call application ("Call for additional activities") launched by Interreg Europe on 1 April, the TANIA partners submitted their application which was successfully admitted on 28 May 2021. The TANIA partners have decided to take the opportunity to apply to fund in-depth activities that link environmental remediation issues with those related to the current global pandemic emergency.

From October 2021 TANIA started its additional year of activities. Since the first planning meeting of the project work for this additional year emerged clearly that the different regions have some specific policy needs and opportunities.

For these reasons, the partnership has decided to start organising "Policy Clinics" where they will discuss their regional situations and needs, involving the most appropriate regional stakeholders in each meeting.

The Policy Clinic 01 took place on 17th December 2021 from 10.00 to 11.30 (CET) The topic was "University / Company interaction for R&D on environmental issues".

The meeting was attended by the whole partnership and had as main interlocutors the Päijät-Häme region and the Tuscany region and the participation of Marc Pattinson - Thematic Expert for the Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform - and representatives from the Interreg Europe project SMART WASTE.

The call was also extended to other Interreg projects interested in the topic and was very well received with a total of 26 participants who appreciated the proposed structure of the initiative.