ThreeT project is holding its 2nd Study Visit on 22-24 May 2019 in Vas County, Hungary.

The meeting is hosted by Self-Government Office of Vas County.

Project partners, representatives of Managing Authorities, territorial municipalities, tourist and transport operators and other key stakeholders are expected to participate in this study visit as a target group of the event.

The following Good Practices (GPs) are to be visited:

Via Sancti Martini – The Establishment of Saint Martin’s International Pilgrimage

Provision of an international tourism attraction and service package based on the created Hungarian-Slovenian-Croatian section of the European Cultural Route, and making them available with joint tourism marketing activity.  It presents the stages of life of St. Martin and outstanding memories of his cult. 

• alpannonia® – hiking without borders

Extension of the long-distance hiking trail "alpannonia".  The trail uses both existing and new infrastructure to connect attractions and cultural and historic points of interest into a single, marketable experience in the Kőszeg mountains and hills at the Austrian-Hungarian border. 

Iron Curtain Trail: Sustainable mobility along the newest EuroVelo route

Sustainable development of the unspoilt geographical environment of the former Iron Curtain region of the Hungarian-Austrian border in international cooperation as part of a transnational route from the North Sea to Turkey.  The essence of the practice is to connect the cross-border bicycle networks, connect cycling and public transport, and promote cycling as a sustainable mode of transport and sustainable tourism. 

Eco-Adventures of Sam the Squirrel, Bük

A local thematic route which is an eco-adventure game at the same time to be interesting enough also for children.  It connects local attractions to the nature, offers opportunity to get to know the local built environment and nature values. 

After two full-days on-site visits a workshop will follow.

Language of the event: English