In the study visit n. 8 to Tenerife, organized by the Spanish partner TITSA between January 21 and 23, attendees can see good practices in transport, accessibility and hiking.

At the TITSA facilities, they will visit the driving simulator for buses (only 4 in Spain, 2 at TITSA), which allows drivers to be trained safely and reducing emissions of polluting gases. In addition, they will receive a presentation on the Big Data of the Department of Data Science of TITSA, and will be briefed how - through the use of data - tourist transport and access to different areas can be improved.

Finally, at the public company's facilities, they will enjoy a presentation about the Mobility Table created between TITSA and different groups of people with disabilities to improve transport on the island for these people and how it has influenced so far, even affecting to the manufacture of buses.

Continuing with the program, the partners and their stakeholders will visit the Las Cañadas del Teide National Park and climb the volcano peak using the cable car, using the intermodality of transport and being able to know in greater depth how Volcano Life Experience works, another public company

On the second day of activities, the visit will bring the group to Anaga Rural Park, a 100% wheelchair accessible path as well as other aspects in the Visitor Center of Cruz del Carmen.

Finally, we will access the coast of Teno, a protected landscape that can only be accessed by public transport, and we will see the reason for this action.

Day 3 will be devoted to the evaluation workshop of SV8 results and the joint session for a full assessment of all Good Practices visited in all SVs, in preparation for the next 4 Tutoring Sessions and the Action Plan design already undertaken.