The meeting is hosted by Regional Council of Central Finland, with a great help of many important key stakeholders. Project partners, representatives of tourist and transport operators, universities, local municipalities, nature and culture related associations and local entrepreneurs and other key stakeholders are expected to participate in this study visit and to derive benefitsfrom the project network.

During the Study Visit, the Region of Central Finland is presenting five local Good Practices related to green mobility, trail-related infrastructure and services, information, communication and co-operation and trail management and governance together with enhancing values of local natural and cultural heritage.
The following Good Practices (GP) are to be presented and visited:
•    Biogas ecosystem – Central Finland promotes the production and use of traffic biogas
The biogas ecosystem covers waste management, energy production and nutrient recycling. There is a strong commitment of the public sector and active biogas companies in the region. Public sector have commitments for investing on gas vehicles and the filling network has been created. The development work is ongoing.
•    Sauna Region of the World
Central Finland Sauna Region of the World -concept offers webpages, events, Sauna packages for tourists and Online WebGis -map of the Sauna Region with information of sauna services and events in the region. Five reasons why Central Finland is the Sauna Region on the World:1) Central Finland is the heart of sauna industry. 2) The biggest Smoke Sauna and a good number of Sauna Boats can be found from the region. 3) The Sauna village in Jämsä is preserving Finnish sauna culture heritage. 4) Amazing sauna services. Tourism companies in the region are concentrating especially in sauna services suitable for international visitors. 5) The Sauna Region Week – event has been organized in Central Finland since 2016.
•    Silence as a tourism attraction -Central Finland Regional Plan
Central Finland Regional Plan shows, among other factors, areas that are regionally or nationally attractivefor tourism and recreation, and that have potential for using natural and cultural values and silence as tourism attraction. These attraction areas include most of the Silent Areas of the region that have been investigated as part of the regional planning process year 2013.
There are already some concepts and companies in the region using silence as a tourism attraction. The future potential is great, as the value of silence of the nearby nature is more widely understood among local entrepreneurs and municipalities. Silence, quietness and calm together with the purity of nature are Key Factors for the tourism and,encreasingly, sources of wellbeing in the region.
•    ®Meijänpolku/Our path
Meijänpolku (Our path) is a concept to wellbeing and health promotion related to local nature trail network. The concept has been created in ongoing co-operation by local health care and wellbeing professionals and Wellbeing Expertise Centre of Central Finland KeHO. Meijänpolku is a wellbeing path network that provides both mental and concrete paths to wellbeing. The wellbeing paths are leading people to use the existing nature trails in the neighbourhood, and to have healing and wellbeing experiences in their nearby nature. The healing aspect of nature is also present in New District Hospital Nova, where the nature of five local National Parks are sources of inspiration in interior design and art, integrated in the healing environment.  
•    Alvar Aalto Routes in Jyväskylä Region – the Capital city of Alvar Aalto’s architecture
Jyväskylä region offers variable themed tour packages around the world famous architect Alvar Aalto. Alvar Aalto went to school, started a family and began his illustrious career in Jyväskylä. Many of his most famous works and some of his less known early designs are located in Jyväskylä region. Alvar Aalto Routes include tours and trails utilizing soft or human powered mobility means. The concept also makes Aalto’s special relation to nature visible. The concept is based on well-functioning and wide-based co-operation. The marketing, ex. websites, is organized and managed by Visit Jyväskylä.