ThreeT project is holding its 4th Study Visit from 17th to 19th September 2019 in Kujawsko-Pomorskie Region, Poland. 

The meeting is hosted by Marshall's Office of Kujawsko-Pomorskie Region with a great help of many important key stakeholders. Landscape parks authorities, forest inspectorates,  tourist organisations, territorial municipalities, cultural institutions, nature and culture related associations, local entrepreneurs and other key stakeholders are expected to participate in this study visit and to derive benefits from the project network.   

During the Study Visit, the following Good Practices (GPs) shall be presented and inspected:

• Bory Tucholskie project in the Labyrinths of Nature - Development of parking points, campsites along the route of the canoe trail and the construction of a bicycle path.

• Tourist Passport 2018 – Kujawsko-Pomorskie "zakaMARKI" Constellation of good places. Information campaign encouraging tourists to discover new, little-known places of the region.

• Industrial heritage management: the thematic route of the TeH2O Water, Industry and Crafts Trail : combining the history of fifteen places inscribed in the city space organically associated with water.

• Nature tours entitled „Along the Lower Vistula Fortifications Trail“ : examples of integrated protection of cultural heritage and natural environment, including active protection of bats.

Two full-days of site visits will be followed by a final evaluation workshop.