A new TITTAN Interregional Workshop is going to take place from 2nd to 4th October, in Edinburgh. It will start the thematic Area 3 (TA3) “ACTIVE CITIZENS” that dig on how to raise citizen´s awareness about using new technologies for improving quality of life.

Besides, the 5th and 6th October, after the good practices presentations, is scheduled the in situ visits from Thematic Area 2 “IN-OUTSIDE”, prepared by the host will let to the participants know local examples of innovative initiatives such as ALISS or SHIL as well as meetings for monitoring, coordinating and planning the TITTAN project agenda next months.

Besides, the TITTAN Workshop overlaps the 2017 BCS Health Scotland Conference. The British Computer Society (BCS) Health Scotland is a multi-professional group that aims to promote the development and use of Health Informatics in Scotland to support effective, evidence based, efficient health and social care in areas of research, education, practice, and management decision making.

 It will be five days of work, with collaborative exchange and discussions and analyzing the presentation of best practises through Q&A and SWOT analysis, where Galicia (lead partner), Basque Country, Scotland, The Almere City, Lombardy, Saxony and Lower Silesia are the TITTAN Partners, all of them will be accompanied by local stakeholders from their regions,

 For more information, here you can see the program of the 2017 BCS Health Scotland Conference:


And below, it´s the complete TITTAN Workshop Programme in Edinburgh.