The first of three workshops from the TITTAN Covid-19 project showcasing good practices which have been implemented and have been vital in the fight against COVID19 from the European regions of Galicia (lead partner), Basque Country, Saxony, Lombardy, and Scotland.

Good practices which will be showcased at this workshop will include;

  • Near Me
  • Test and Protect
  • Decision Support COVID19
  • Regional hospital clustering
  • National Covid patient reallocation scheme
  • Hospital-based vaccination campaigns
  • Pooling system for performing Covid-19 PCR
  • TELEA COVID-19 Home telecare platform
  • Bacterial and fungal superinfections in SARS-CoV2 patients
  • Prognostic stratification Covid19
  • Covid-19 pandemic: experience from a Frontline Hospital
  • Urgent Patients : Hubs for time-dependent diseases
  • Back to normality: remote follow-up activities and recovery plan for care services

We hope that you are able to join us and hear about all the interesting activity.


The TITTAN Covid-19 Project partners are:

Galician Health Knowledge Agency, Basque Foundation for Health, Research and Innovation, Regional Foundation for Biomedical Research, Healthy Saxony, Digital Health and Care Innovation Centre