The last of the three workshops from the TITTAN Covid-19 project showcasing good practices which have been implemented and have been essential in the fight against COVID19 from the European regions of Galicia (lead partner), Basque Country, Saxony, Lombardy, and Scotland.

Taking into account the thematic areas in which the TITTAN partnership has shown strengthens , we pre-identified three areas affected during the Covid-19 pandemic. In this event the area to be addressed is the Patient Empowerment.

Good practices which will be showcased at this workshop will include;

    • Video consultation with assistance

    • Osasun Eskola, educational materials

    • Active Patient - online modality by COVID19

    • Health Council

    • Piloting of video consultations. Framework of the need

    • Case study. Videoconsultations in Osaren


    • Connecting Scotland

    • Best practices in Community Pahrmacies during the pandemic 

    • Management of security equipment in times of Covi-19: challenges and solutions

    • Organisation and Patients engagement Women's Health Association

    • Redesigning Volunteer Intervention Practices in Oncology - Volunteering 3.0.

We hope that you are able to join us and hear about all the interesting activity.


The TITTAN Covid-19 Project partners are:

Galician Health Knowledge Agency, Basque Foundation for Health, Research and Innovation, Regional Foundation for Biomedical Research, Healthy Saxony, Digital Health and Care Innovation Centre