On the 14th of March the TITTAN COVID19 partners were joined by over 30 stakeholders from across Europe for the first of three workshops showcasing and exploring the respones to the COVID19 pandemic. Hosted by the Digital Health and Care Innovation Centre form Scotland, this first workshop explored the responses within the theme of Healthcare Delivery Pathways and featured good practices included;


    • Near Me, presented by Marc Beswick – National Lead, Near Me Network.

    • Test and Protect – presented by Chal Chute – Digital Health and Care Innovation Centre

    • Decision Support COVID 19 – presented by Ann Wales – Digital Health and Care Innovation Centre


    • Pooling system for performing COVID19 PCR – Presented by Benito Regueiro – Galician Health Service

    • Telea COVID19 Home telecare Platform – Presented by Alfonso Alonso Fachado – Galician Health Service (SERGAS)

Basque Region

    • Multi-resistant bacterial and fungal superinfections in SARS-CoV-2 infection in critically ill patients. Pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic analysis to optimize antibiotic treatment – Presented by Alicia Rodrigues Gascon - Service, University Hospital of Araba, Araba, Spain/Health Research Institute Bioaraba, Araba, Spain.

    • Prediction of clinical deterioration in patients admitted due to COVID19 – Presented by Susana Garcia Guiterrez - Osakidetza Basque Health Service, Barrualde-Galdakao Integrated Health Organisation, Galdakao- Usansolo Hospital, Galdakao, Bizkaia, Spain; Kronikgune Institute for Health Services Research, Barakaldo, Bizkaia, Spain


    • Regional Hospital Clustering – presented by - Dr. Olaf Mueller, Healthy Saxony

    • National Covid patient reallocation scheme – presented by – Stella Baur, Healthy Saxony

    • Hospital-based vaccination campaigns – presented by – Dr Olaf Mueller, Healthy Saxony


    • COVID19 Pandemic – experience from a frontline hospital – presented by - Paola Bello- Regional Foundation for Biomedical Research (FRRB)

    • Urgent patients; Hubs for time dependent diseases – presented by - Paola Bello- Regional Foundation for Biomedical Research (FRRB)

    • Back to Normality; remote follow up activities and recovery plan for care services – presented by - Marcello De Amico- Regional Foundation for Biomedical Research (FRRB)

 Next Steps

After some very interesting discussions in the Q&A sessions the event was closed by the lead partner from the Galician Health Knowledge Agency who outlined the next steps and the plan for the next two workshops which will focus on Active and Health Ageing Ecosystems followed by Patient engagement.

The workshop can be viewed here:



TITTAN COVID19 Project Partners

The TITTAN COVID19 Project Partners are: Galician Health Knowledge Agency, Basque Foundation for Health, Research and Innovation, Regional Foundation for Biomedical Research, Healthy Saxony, Digital Health and Care Innovation Centre.