On the 4th of May the TITTAN COVID19 partners were joined by over 20 stakeholders from across Europe for the second of three workshops showcasing and exploring the responses to the COVID19 pandemic. Hosted by the Healthy Saxony, e.V. in Germany, this second workshop explored the responses within the theme of AHA (Active and Healthy Ageing) - ecosystems and featured good practices included;


    • SHAPES (Smart and Healthy Ageing through People engaging in supporting Systems), presented by Melanie Labor - Post-Doctoral Researcher, Department of Psychology, National University of Ireland, Maynooth

    • HoCare 2.0 (Delivery and deployment of Innovative solutions for home care by strengthening quadruple helix cooperation and applying principles of co-creation in territorial innovation ecosystems), presented by Corina Röllig and Ulrike Sobczak - Project Manager, Carus Consilium Sachsen GmbH


    • Digital Approaches to Care Homespresented by Rikke Iversholt - National Lead for Social Care, Technology Care


    • Psychosocial plan for health professionalspresented by Nuria De Castro-Acuña Iglesias - Head of the Central Service for the Prevention of Occupational Risks and Working Conditions

    • The vaccination strategypresented by Susana Mirás Carballal - Head of the Communicable Disease Control Service which is part of the Directorate-General for Public Health of Galicia

Basque Country

    • INNOSASUN, the experience of supporting companies in the development of medical device to fight the COVID-19 pandemicpresented by Sergio Cardoso Martín - Project Manager in the Basque Foundation of Health Innovation an Research (BIOEF)

    • Clinical validation study of the stepcare e-health system to optimise COVID-19 patient monitoring and facilitate home hospitalisation and isolation. A pilot study, presented by Sergio Cardoso Martín -Project Manager in the Basque Foundation of Health Innovation an Research (BIOEF)


    • Emergency telemedicine: COD 19 and COD 20 systems,  presented by Marcello De Amico - Fondazione Regionale per la Ricerca Biomedica

    • A new practice of active ageing: Adapted physical activity (APA) before and during the pandemic presented by Marcello Paola Bello - Fondazione Regionale per la Ricerca Biomedica

Next Steps

After the exchange of Good Practices and some very interesting discussions in the Q&A sessions the lead partner from the Galician Health Knowledge Agency closed the event and outlined the next steps and the plan for the third workshop, which will focus on Patient engagement.

The workshop can be viewed here:



TITTAN COVID19 Project Partners

The TITTAN COVID19 Project Partners are:

    • Galician Health and Knowledge Agency (Lead),

    • Basque Foundation for Health, Research and Innovation,

    • Regionl Foundation for Biomedical Research,

    • Healthy Saxony,

    • Digital Health and Care Innovation Centre