As part of the project's activities in the last few months, the regions taking part in the project have shared the good practices with which they have fought against COVID-19.

After this time of work of exchange and study between all the partners of the TITTAN COVID-19 project, we have prepared a document compiling the good practices studied.

The main goal of this document is to identify the situation of the region in relation to the three thematic areas addressed by TITTAN Covid-19 project and to identify valuable experiences and good practices, to be presented to the other partners, as well as to all interested stakeholders and parties.

The result of this activity is an Assessment Report, which is published on this website for access by any interested person.

The good practices identified in the Assessment Report had been explained in more detail in the framework of the PAVEEx (“Pro-Active and Valued Exchange of Experiences”) Workshops and in the Final Conference of the project:

    • Workshop March 2022, organised by the Scottish partner (DHI)

    • Workshop May 2022, organised by the Saxony partner (HS):

    • Workshop June 2022, organised by the Basque Country partner (BIOEF):

    • Final Conference Sep 2022, organised by the Galicia partner (ACIS):

Acess to the Assessment Report:

TITTAN COVID19 Project Partners:

    • Galician Health and Knowledge Agency (Lead),

    • Basque Foundation for Health, Research and Innovation,

    • Regionl Foundation for Biomedical Research

    • Healthy Saxony,

    • Digital Health and Care Innovation Centre