The partners of the European interregional project TITTAN, (Translation, Innovation & Technology Transfer in Ageing Network) held the first meeting of the project in its second phase on September 9th in the Casa de Galicia in Madrid, with the aim of sharing experiences related to the implementation of their respective action plans. They were received by the Delegate of the Xunta of Galicia in Madrid and Director of the House, José Ramón Ónega, who wished them a fruitful day of work.

TITTAN´s aim is to exchange good practices between seven European regions to enhance innovation and technology transfer in the field of health.

The project, divided into two phases, is currently in the second phase which consists of the implementation of the plans drawn up during phase 1.

During the meeting, the seven partners of the project presented the progress they have achieved so far in the implementation of the action plans, and addressed future activities related to the implementation of good practices in their respective regions.