Supporting health innovation: The Ourense Living Lab in Ageing

Interregional cooperation forum | Online | Special edition 2020


How can the living lab model help during COVID-19?

  • It helps us avoid investment risks by testing our innovative solutions before they go out on the market
  • We can support companies and businesses who innovate in the health sector by giving them a place to test and to co-create
  • We can eliminate the gap between the real demands of hospitals and their patients by connecting hospitals with industry specialists
  • The model offers a faster and more effective response from agents who provide innovative solutions

Why choose the Ourense province for a pilot action?

Because its population is now what Europe’s population will be in 2050.

What good practices inspired them for their pilot action?

They were inspired by good practices from the UK, Spain and the Netherlands.

What is the TITTAN project working on?

TITTAN is trying to improve Europe’s health care system so that we stay active in our old age and live healthier lives.

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