On April 28th, findings and approaches from TraCS3 for Bremen will be presented and discussed in a digital regional stakeholder meeting. The event is entitled "ideas and measures to support Bremen's innovation infrastructure". The focus of the event is on the potential and possibilities of monitoring and visualizing innovation infrastructures in order to achieve deeper insights and increased transparency about the regional innovation system and the actors involved.

During the event, project partners from the Finnish region of Tampere will present their good practice for regional innovation monitoring. Following the presentation, transferability and conclusions from the example presented for the state of Bremen will be discussed.

"Our Finnish project partners have developed a promising approach to create transparency and insights into their regional innovation system," states Prof. Günter Warsewa, project manager in Bremen at the Institute for Labour and Economy (iaw). "We look forward to discussing this with the participants and to sound out during the event which of the interesting suggestions for supporting the innovation infrastructure and promoting innovation could be transferred to Bremen."

The event will take place on April 28th from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. as an online event via zoom. Interested parties are cordially invited. Please register at [email protected]

After registration, you will be given the link to the virtual event room.