On Thursday, November 25th, 14.00-16.30, a joint regional dissemination and stakeholder event on the topic “Smart Specialization and Innovation: How to Design the Regional Innovation System for Growth?” will be held by the projects GoSmart&Excel BSR and TraCS3.

The event is hosted by the Förderkreis des HWWI - Niederlassung Bremen e.V. (Sponsoring Group of the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI)).

The conference and panel discussion address the context of the ongoing EU projects –  GoSmart & Excel BSR and TraCS3 – and focus on the importance of innovation infrastructure and smart specialization for the Federal State of Bremen. The first session includes European perspectives and research on innovation processes and structures. In the second session, the Bremen location, its interdependencies and innovation focuses are considered. The aim is to improve the skills of innovation actors in the Federal State of Bremen (and beyond) and to support the Regional Smart Specialization Strategy.