Spain is one of the countries in EU that has been more affected by the pandemic. And so, the Spain’s economy has suffered an important impact from the spread of the virus. The drop of more than 10% of the GDP for 2020, has become the economic policy in a huge challenge.

Europe’s response to the crisis has been to the financial stability and to implement the necessary measures. Spain is expected to be the second largest recipient of EU COVID-19 recovery funds in absolute terms, only second by Italy.

The new Recovery and Resilience Plan pretend to provide financial support to consolidate recovery from the impact suffered in the production structure, investments and jobs.

This plan has four main topics that serve as backbone to promote economic recovery and support a transformation process that could increase the Spanish economy’s productivity and future growth potential. These lines of actions are focused in (i) the green transition, (ii) the digital transformation, (iii) social and territorial cohesion and (iv) gender equality.