Project Events

TRAM 9th Steering Committee – on-line meeting


On 29 January 2021, TRAM project held its ninth Steering Committee meeting...

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TRAM Final dissemination event


INTERREG EUROPE – project TRAM Final dissemination event TRAM final...

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TRAM 8th Steering Committee – on-line meeting


On 26 March 2020, TRAM project held its eighth Steering Committee meeting...

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TRAM 5th Stakeholders Group Meeting_Marche Region


30 April 2019 The Lead Partner of TRAM project hosted its fifth Marche Region...

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TRAM 7th Stakeholders Group Meeting_Miskolc


The Municipality of Miskolc on County Rank, as PP4 partner of TRAM project,...

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TRAM 6th Stakeholders Group Meeting_NW Romania


On the 18th of March 2019, PP5 organized the 6th meeting of the TRAM Local...

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TRAM 7th Steering Committee meeting


On Thursday 7 February 2019 TRAM project hold its seventh Steering Committee...

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TRAM 5th Peer Review Workshop


On 6 February 2019 Marche Region realized the Peer Review Workshop of the draft...

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TRAM 4th Peer Review Workshop


On 22 November 2018, in collaboration with PP4, the North-West RDA organized the...

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TRAM 3rd Peer Review Workshop


The chain of TRAM project’s PRWs analysing our Action Plans continues on 21...

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