On 22 November 2018, in collaboration with PP4, the North-West RDA organized the Peer-review workshop in the framework of the TRAM project, aiming at finalizing the Action Plan for improving urban mobility in the region. Because of logistics, the event has been organized in Miskolc-Hungary, where along with the ITRE experts from Civitta Strategy & Consulting 10 members of the Local Stakeholder Group were also present.

The scope of the workshop was to have a dialogue between local authorities, relevant organizations from the region and experts in the field of urban mobility and development from the partner regions regarding the proposed activities within the Action Plan and to formulate proposals in order to increase its impact along Phase II of the project. Local Action plans are due to be implemented between April 2019 and March 2021.

The Action plan for the North-West Region contains 7 actions, from developing mobile applications and organizing events for promoting sustainable urban mobility to actions aiming to offer support for projects already in implementation.

The day before our Peer Review Workshop, members of the Romanian delegation had the chance to visit the project which has lead to the reconstruction of the tram line in Miskolc, the passenger information system as well as the intelligent traffic management system.