On the 18th of March 2019, PP5 organized the 6th meeting of the TRAM Local  Stakeholder Group (LSG) in Cluj. 

During the meeting, the ITRE expert has briefly presented the main aspects  related to the Action Plan, discussing the main challenges and limitation encountered during its elaboration as well as the main modifications after receiving the feedback in Miskolc at the Peer Review workshop as well as the recommendations from the Joint Secretariat. Subsequently, the process that led to the elaboration of the basic plan was briefly highlighted, emphasizing the relationship between the problems identified and prioritized by LSG, examples of good and best practices as well as the proposed actions. 

    Last but not least, the project partner has presented the main aspects related to  the proposed pilot action aiming to test the feasibility of transferring one of the best practices identified in Andalucia, namely a gamification platform for boosting sustainable mobility. 

The importance of the LSG has been emphasized all along, pointing out their key role in implementing the priority actions identified within the regional action plan.

The meeting has been concluded by pointing out the next steps with regard to the 2nd Phase of TRAM project.