The Municipality of Miskolc on County Rank, as PP4 partner of TRAM project, convened the 7th Stakeholder Group meeting on 20 March 2019, with the purpose of providing the most recent project information and upcoming steps for the members of the Local Stakeholders’ Group.

One of the main items on the agenda was the final approval and elaborated aspects of the local Action Plan, in order to provide a clear explanation of the previously selected best practices along with the deepening reasons and issues of the selected partner actions.

The SG members were informed by local ITRE expert about the elaborating process and the methods of the Action Plan touched upon the assessment procedure towards one of the selected good practices and fine-tuning of the local AP after the Peer Review meeting held in November last year, where the ITRE panel recommended few amendments to the AP.

During the meeting, the integrated actions into the AP were presented by the project partner. Particularly, the possibility of transferring and testing a pilot action’s gamification platform, which can be used to promote and facilitate sustainable mobility in the local area. This idea derived from a good practice, identified by PP2.

The participants of the event agreed with the final version of PP4 Action Plan and the proposed actions, which will be part of the continuing follow-up activities in the project’s phase 2 period.