In our linked project, Interreg Europe OptiTrans, each territory will be subject to a peer review carried out by 4-5 persons representing at least 2 different other project partners. Peer review team members are recruited among both project partners and their stakeholder support groups. In total, 7 peer reviews will be carried out by an accumulated participation of around 35-40 persons. As 7 partners are collaborating in OptiTrans, each partner is sending at least five persons to participate in at least three different peer review visits abroad.

To unify criteria, all peer review team members participated in a half-day training that took place on 4 September 2018 at the Thuringia State Representation (“Vertretung des Freistaats Thüringen beim Bund”) in Berlin.

Interreg Europe TRAM and OptiTrans are linked through two of their respective partners (Public Works Agency of Andalusia Regional Government on the part of TRAM and Granada Energy Agency on the part of OptiTrans) that share knowledge according to good practices related to their areas. As some of the main issues that are considered in OptiTrans are closely related to Public Works Agency activity, a representative of this Agency was invited to join the training session, and will attend the Peer Review in which the Agency workframe can be more representative.

This chosen representative has been TRAM project manager on the part of Public Works Agency. Thus, the knowlegde of the Peer Review Training session and the Peer Reviews will be shared with all TRAM partners, in order to get the most of both projects collaboration.