Building on the excellent results it achieved within the TRINNO project, WestBIC from Ireland was invited as a speaker at the Interreg Europe online discussion on the topic of fostering the digitalisation of traditional sectors with a focus on e-commerce to address business challenges and capitalise on growth opportunities.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and its consequences, businesses across Europe have been forced to close offices and find alternative ways for their operations in order to avoid the collapse of their companies. Digitalisation suddenly became a more prominent topic across Europe. The main theme of the event was to gather and present practices from participants, supplemented by input from the TEs, in order to develop a portfolio of short-, mid- and long-term measures supporting the digitalisation of traditional sectors, with a focus on commercial activities.

James Donlon from WestBIC participated in the discussion on digitalisation of the customer relationship, including sales and after sales. During the discussion he presented the Trading Online Voucher Scheme, managed by Local Enterprise Offices in Ireland, and how it was used and further adapted to support enterprises during the Covid-19 restrictions.

The good practice from Ireland was successfully transferred by the Slovenian Ministry of Economic Development and Technology with the help of TRINNO project partner The Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia (DCHS). The project enabled the Ministry officials to participate in the staff exchange and learn about the good practice in Ireland and adapt it to the local situation.

Anita Molka, TRINNO project manager at DCHS, presented the Slovenian voucher scheme to the European audience. The Ministry has transferred important segments from the Irish system to the new voucher scheme for small and medium-sized enterprises in Slovenia, where, among other things, the installation of a new website and online store is now an eligible cost.

James Donlon, WestBIC presenting good practice: Trading Online Vaucher Scheme

Successful transfer of good practice from Ireland to Slovenia