Early in the morning 13 stakeholders boarded a train to Malmo for the first stop. In Malmo the stakeholders visited Aterbyggsdepan, a reuse centre for building materials. Millions of bricks and tiles, doors and other components are collected from demolished building in southern Sweden. After cleaning and sometime modifications the materials are sold to renovation and new building projects. The centre also has an important function as employers for people finding it hard to find an ordinary job. This social side of the activity was highlighted by the host at the site in Mats Lindgren.

After this visit the stakeholders then took a train over Oresund to one of Copenhagen's new suburb. During lunch at Copehagen two representatives from Lendager Group joined the stakeholders. Copenhagen Towers is one of the projects Lendager has worked with. The vision for the company is to design and build sustainable houses with a large share of circularity. In doing this they use upcycled materials such as brick, windows, and concrete.