Industrial symbiosis (IS) is a very efficient means of addressing climate change mitigation and competitiveness. The 2018 Amendment to the Waste Framework Directive requires Member States to promote replicable IS practices. Across Europe, regions and cities have acted to tailor ERDF programmes to support IS implementation. This workshop will be a moderated panel with 4 speakers representing regions and cities to present their ERDF strategies and impact. Speakers will demonstrate IS contribution to the Circular Economy and Smart Specialisation.


Rachel Lombardi, Director of Business Development, Industrial Symbiosis Limited, United Kingdom.


Sustainable Urban Development Strategy & ERDF to Support Industrial Symbiosis in the Greater Birmingham Solihull Area
Brigid Jones, Deputy Leader, Birmingham City Council, UK 

Stimulating Industrial Symbiosis through ERDF to support intercluster /intersectorial R&D cooperation in SMEs
Jordi Sebastià, Head of External Relations at IVACE, Valencian Regional Government, Ex-Member of the European Parliament 

Småland Regional Development Strategy (Sweden) to support Circular Economy
Pierre Stahl, Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden 

Industrial Symbiosis and Smart Specialisation Strategy objectives for Emilian Romagna through ERDF
Manuela Rontini, President of the "Economic Policies" Commission, Emilia-Romagna Regional Government 

The new deadline for registrations is Wednesday, 7 October 2020.