The president of the Valencian Community Government, Ximo Puig, announced that the Valencian Government will promote a Valencian pact to promote the circular economy. This was manifested in the closing of the XII School of Youth "Spring Union" of UGT-PV, which took place in the municipality of Morella and in which participated the Secretary General of UGT-PV, Ismael Sáez. After the event, the president highlighted the importance of the unions to make possible the environmental pact, generating spaces of cohesion within the framework of social dialogue. 

The objective, explained the head of the Consell, is "to achieve sustainability that generates security in future generations" by signing a global agreement like the one that other European regions have already signed.

The circular economy is an alternative model to the current linear model, based on the prevention, reuse, repair, reconditioning and recycling of waste to achieve a better use of available resources.

In addition to responding to an environmental logic, this model also means a more efficient use of raw materials, which could generate an estimated savings to consumers of 600,000 million euros at a European level.

Hence the importance of breaking with the linear model of economic growth, proposing a change towards the circular economy, which tries to close the circle of economic activities taking into account all phases of the life cycle of a product: from production and consumption, waste management and the market of secondary raw materials »explains Manuel Sánchez, member of the AIDIMME Technological Institute who joins the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness, IVACE, as representatives of the Valencian Community. 

Both are developing, together with specialists from four European regions, the Transition Regions Towards Industrial Symbiosis project (TRIS) that will provide new arguments for the future National Circular Economy Strategy.