Based on the international and Hungarian professional experience gained in the previous three years, the Hungarian regional action plan was prepared. During the remaining phase of the project, the stated goals will be implemented and followed up. Working closely with the Managing Authority for EDIOP, the focus will be on the implementation of the following three actions:

1. policy recommendations (review of the legal framework and suggestions for EDIOP calls);
2. assessment of green public procurement in Hungary and recommendations; 
3. dissemination (trainings, involving clusters, active participation of tasks of Circular Economy Platform). 

After finalising the Hungarian Regional Action plan - in order to build in material and energy efficient perspectives into the EDIOP calls still in the present and in the next programming period, a strategic proposal document was compiled and sent to the representatives of the Managing Authority and the Ministry responsible for the transition to a circular economy.

Furthermore, part from the monitoring of the aforementioned activities, IFKA has the deliberate intention to cooperate with the members of the IS Local lab to work out new project ideas to foster industrial symbiosis synergies and circular economy related strategies, actions.