Monday, September 30th will be the first day of the forth workshop scheduled in the UL2L calendar. It is time now for Silesia Park to host the project partners and invite them to discuss, analize and share the impressions, ideas and experiences concerning the development of the Action Plans each partner is expected to create and implement according to the commitments defined in the UL2L Application Form. A comparison of the different circumstances accompanying the AP creation process in the partner's homelands should result in promising and interesting conclusions and recommendations produced by the UL2L partners international think-tank and the project stakeholders invited to attend the workshop. It will be very interesting to discover and compare the methods used by the partners to attract the attention of the regional/local policy makers and public authorities (i.e. municipalities) in order to persuade them and „infect” with the UL2L ideas. How and what to do in order to implement UL2L recommendations and good practice conclusions in the regional, public green areas development strategies? This is one of the basic questions and challenges UL2L partners have to face. 

Apart of the presentations and discussing sessions, the busy agenda of WS4 hosted by Silesia Park will also include study tours hosted by regional stakeholders. Selected examples of post-industrial recultivation and public green landscape arrangements will be presented, among them: 

– Grodek Lake in the city of Jaworzno – an old sand mine converted into tourst attraction, 

– an old dupm site converted into recreation, green area in the city of Ruda Slaska, 

– Silesia Botanical Garden created at the former military base in the city of Mikolow, 

– Katowice Culture Zone – Silesia Museum, International Congress Centre and NOSPR (the best and most modern concert hall in Poland) – all these public facilities surrounded by innovative greenery and located at the former coal mine. 

The final event of WS4 agenda should be exceptionally attractive as the UL2L partners will be invited to the Queen Louisa historic coal mine in the city of Zabrze for an underground guided boat tour discovering one of the old methods of coal transportation. This perfect example of the Silesian industrial heritage preservation should serve as a good conclusion of WS4 just before the partners board modern Boeings and Airbuses flying them back home. 

Here you will find the agenda for the 4th UL2L Workshop: