A subproject for Kristianstad municipality is to conduct a study on business models for public green spaces in and around the city. The purpose of this commission is to identify business models for health and ecosystem services, including urban gardening/ farming. The study will comprise 3-5 models and will be linked to the public grounds, urban links to landscape and the Water kingdom with the aim of enabling increased access and more activities for visitors and tourists in those areas.The business models crafted will also be looked into from current regulations and contracts that allow business activities on public grounds aspects(e.g. public-private partnerships).  

Krinova Incubator and Science Park have been contracted for this project. They have recruited a newly graduated student that will conduct the study for 10 weeks while being coached by a business designer from Krinova. Last week the local project leaders from UL2L and Krinova had a start-up meeting in Kristianstad that marked the start of this project and a report and presentation are expected in the mids of December.

[Photo: Kristianstads Kommun]