The work that led to the development of this Action Plan, started from a participatory process with the actors  involved in the ROP 2014-2020 projects through a direct discussion in the frame of specific meetings and workshops.

A series of issues emerged from these meetings. They concern on the one hand the difficulties encountered in the projects’ implementation, on the other the critical issues of the territories concerned, but also their potential and strategic visions. Taking advantage of the experiences and good practices of the UL2L project, the Region decided to re-elaborate and provide a systemic vision for the issues emerged. The characteristics and potential of the regional peri-urban areas have been deepened. These areas have been selected as a priority geographical space for interventions on the Umbrian landscape and the Action Plan. 7 priority themes for the Umbrian landscape have been defined beside the definition of peri-urban context. 

Action Plan for Regione Umbria