The main objective of UrbanLinks 2 Landscape (UL2L), which is implemented under the EU programme INTERREG EUROPE, is to exchange and propagate good practices and promote innovative solutions in the field of recultivation of wasteland by creating multi-function public green spaces in their place. Green infrastructure, along with objects of natural and cultural heritage, is under high pressure of urban economic development, construction of houses and facilities. The amount of these areas is constantly reduced and they are exposed to destruction. As a result, open green spaces are becoming more and more desirable, and their value for urbanised cities is increasing. Natural resources considered as wealth should be recognised, appreciated, and funded under development programmes. They should serve social integration, improve the well-being and health of residents, and increase ecological value and potential for economic development and creation of new jobs. This theory was reflected in EU, national, regional, and local strategic and operational programmes. It is also of the objectives of sustainable development of the “Europe 2020 Strategy”.

As part of the actions aimed at effective development of such areas, UrbanLinks 2 Landscape (UL2L) was divided into the following main themes:

• Ecosystem services

• Mitigation of climate change

• Urban farming

• Outdoor recreational activities