The Interreg Europe programme funds several projects supporting European SMEs to internationalise. This workshop provides a platform for four of these projects to detail their findings, share their experiences about what has worked well and what could work better.

Each project is approaching the subject of internationalistion of SMEs from a different perspective. Projects will implement Action Plans to embed the findings of the interregional learning process.

How will each project make a difference and what is the end user/target group experience? It is intended that the workshop will provide valuable messages for future ERDF programming post 2020.

Moderator: John Fitzgibbon  

Speakers: Rita Szép-Tüske, Michael Tunney, Andrea Enyingi-Kurucz, Serena Foracchia, Anna Kępa, Christophe Guichard, Mateja Horvat

Thematic cluster: Economic development, employment

Organisers: ETC regions supporting SMEs to internationalise | Everywhere International SMEs (EIS) | Compete In | UpGradeSME | Clusters3

Languages: english (en)