A staff exchange meeting for the Interreg Europe VIOLET project will take place on 9 July.  

This will be a round table discussion with a few short presentations about the Ma Rénov project in Bordeaux and the experiences of both municipalities with making traditional buildings more energy efficient. 


Tuesday 9th July 2019

09:00 h     -    Staff exchange meeting with following subjects: 

- How does it work exactly? 
- Do the advisers come to people's homes, or is it only digital? 
- The advisors are independent, what does that mean? 
- What is successful, what were learning points? 
- Is it already used for historically valuable buildings / monuments? 
- Do people have to pay a personal contribution? 
- How far do people go to make their houses more sustainable? 
  • Is it an important subject in Bordeaux / France (and Middelburg/Netherlands) to make monuments energy efficient? What are the biggest challenges in that area? 
  • Is the energy requirement for cooling or heating greater in Bordeaux (versus Middelburg)? 
  • Does Bordeaux Metropole or France (Middelburg/Netherlands) have special rules for making monuments more sustainable? How does a permit procedure work? What are the standard rules for monuments when it comes to renovations (does the work have to be reversible, do you have to maintain all the historic material, do you need to use only traditional building materials, etc.)? 
  • Are there examples of listed buildings in Bordeaux (vs. Middelburg) that are made energy efficient? What kind of measures are being taken (insulation, overhangs, installations, etc.)? What are innovations / novelties that are applied? 
  • What is the situation with regard to the overhauled building market: are companies actually interested in making monuments more sustainable with regard to making new buildings? 
  • Does Bordeaux (Middelburg) work with collective implementation of measures? 

12:00 h     -    Lunch 

14:00 h     -    One or two visits of condominiums that have used Ma Rénov platform.