The exchange dynamic is an important component of the Violet project, as is the cooperation between local actors in the fields of energy, architecture and urban planning.  The meeting will be held in the architecture, urban planning and environmental council of Gironde and the urban planning agency of Bordeaux Aquitaine, members of the Community of Practice (CoP), this is in addition to 15 other local members. 

In France, the challenge of energy renovation of old buildings concerns a fairly large number of buildings, since 28% of the buildings were built before 1949, i.e. about 9 million homes. They have the characteristic of being built with more traditional materials, which require a different treatment from those that have been produced subsequently, mainly in concrete, on which an effort must be made to provide information and increase competence, both for the project owners and for the project managers, they are also mainly located in city or village centres, which is a challenge from the point of view of urban planning.  

They also have a heritage character, an architectural interest that must be preserved and our region is quite rich in this, especially Bordeaux and its stone city - listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site - that all partners will visit during the meeting days. 

The New Aquitaine Region is aware of the challenge of renovating heritage buildings with new energy sources. Violet gave them the opportunity to include in 4 calls for projects on 4 different types of buildings, a bonus for heritage buildings as defined by the members of the local Violet CoP. 

To build the action plan for the second phase of the project, the Region is working with Alec and ambitious actions are already foreseen and being built together. To inspire the public other initiatives will be presented during the 2nd day : 

          - The CREBA tool - a resource centre for the responsible rehabilitation of old buildings 

          - The new Effinergy Patrimoine label 

          - And a good practice initiated by the city of Middleburg in the Netherlands 

This day will end with visits :  

          - An exhibition on the stone city 

          - A special operation of the social landlord Aquitanis 

          - And the visit of our beautiful city of Bordeaux

 The Violet partner Alec is the agency for local authorities and other stakeholders in the region to support their energy transition strategies and has been available for more than 10 years, mainly through consulting missions for different targets. European projects allow to explore specific themes in greater depth and Violet, whose first phase is coming to an end, demonstrates what their dynamics can bring to the territory. Elected representatives of the Region can ensure that the results of the exchange and cooperation work becomes operational in the coming years, this done through the development of the CoP.