On Monday 13 June from 13:00 to 15:00, the Technical University of Delft will organize a webinar for all partners.

The aim of the online meeting is to gather input and inspiration for Action Planning activities, inviting partners to discuss insights from a selection of academic and political literature and to exchange ideas on how to apply it.

Action Plans will be developed by the partners with the aim of creating structural changes in local and regional policies and working on new projects for the development of water-related sites.

The focus of the webinar will be on the following (inter-related) issues:

1) ‘Mapping’ and rating heritage values: what values does the heritage partners work with offer? Cultural? Economic? Social? Environmental? 

2) Which of those values are currently influencing decision-making and which remain underplayed? How to put forward those underplayed values and which stakeholders can help with this?

3) Translating values into a vision: how to build a vision for action plans based on a story constructed around the values identified?

The University of Delft also shared some relevant papers, webinars and videos with partners to help them prepare for the online meeting and to help them later during the Action Plan development. They also included a video, explaining the content of the reader and showing partners a bit of water-linked heritage in Delft.