RSQs are key elements of the analytical part (Stage 1) of the WaVE project.

The Regional Status Quo analysis refers to the analysis of the current conditions of the selected sites, their water-linked heritage values, their policy context and their existing strategies, in order to identify the challenges and opportunities to improve policy through regional learning.

All partners elaborated their RSQs on the basis of the
Regional Status Quo Methodology by the Delft University of Technology.  

>> Download the “Regional Status Quo Methodology” by the Delft University of Technology

The RSQs analysis were elaborated by means of co-creation with stakeholders, in order to build a multi-dimensional understanding of the sites.

Below you can find the 5 RSQs of the WaVE Project's partners:

- Municipality of Aarhus (DK)

- Provincial Council of Alicante (SP)

- Municipality of Breda (NL)

- Ister-Granum European Grouping for Territorial Cooperation (HU)

- Municipality of Ravenna (IT)