Learn more about the Action Plan that the Italian partners of the WaVE project have developed.
3 water-related sites, 3 actions and a pilot action to test drone mapping and 3D virtual rendering...

1. What kind of policy instrument are you going to influence with your Action Plan? What kind of change do you want to achieve?

The policy instrument addressed by Ravenna & Certimac is the Emilia Romagna ERDF regional operational plan. We expect to influence both the 2014-2020 and the 2021-2027 programming periods. Our intention is to submit at least a couple of projects and have them approved by the programme.  

2. How many and what actions does your Action Plan consist of?

Our Action Plan consists of n. 3 actions and 1 pilot action. 

- Action 1 is aimed at exploiting and further developing the outputs of the pilot action and building a digital storytelling to take citizens and visitors through a diachronic exploration of the relationship between humans and water in the Province of Ravenna, starting from the three WaVE sites.

- Action 2 is aimed at creating a new methodology for the WLH valorisation through the (re)development of San Marco Watergate and/or physical connective infrastructures, the former being the territorial junction of various blue infrastructures and the latter being corridors that can help reconnect different parts of the territory. 

- Action 3 is aimed at improving the collaboration between the public sector, the Cultural and Creative Industries and the research authorities for the valorisation of the WLH through the consolidation of a multi-actor ecosystem of innovative processes aimed at increasing the Darsena’s potential to attract new talents, spreading co-creation practices for new models of social innovation and expanding, diversifying and qualifying the local tourism offer by promoting the development of a conscious and responsible tourism.

- the Pilot Action consists in developing and testing two tools conceived to support the storytelling: drone mapping and 3D virtual rendering. By matching the narration of the water linked heritage with selected points of interest, both techniques offer an innovative and engaging mean of exploration.

3. What lessons learned/good practice have most inspired the creation of the Action Plan?

Alicante’s Blue Routes is our main source of inspiration, but we were also impressed by Breda’s “Brabant remembers” and "(re)development in dialogue" good practices and by Ister-Granum’s “Bridge Guard” and Aarhus’ GP “The uncovering of the river Aarhus”.

4. What was the greatest difficulty in developing the Action Plan?

The hottest issue is connected to the delayed subscription of the Partnership Agreement between Italy and the European Commission, which implies a delay in the opening of the new ERDP ROP calls.  

5. What is your greatest satisfaction / accomplishment reached so far, that you are most proud of?

We are particularly proud of the drone mapping of WaVE’s three sites. The feeling you get is that of flying like a pink heron from one site to the other. The 3D rendering of the Museum is also very impressive and accurate.