The WaVE Project has achieved an important milestone with the approval of 5 Action Plans by the Interreg Europe Secretariat.

The Action Plans specify in details the steps that will be taken by partners in order to improve regional and local policies for supporting the development of integrated adaptive reuses of water-linked cultural heritage sites in human settlements.

Action Plans are the results of the interregional knowledge exchange that partners build up during the past 2 years. Action Plans foresee the implementation of actions as diverse as actions aiming at communicating and storytelling on heritage; actions that entail creating imagery and databases on heritage in a given area; actions that involve implementing flagship or frontrunner projects to create momentum towards change; and actions that aim at bringing stakeholders together across organisational and sectoral boundaries...

The partners will now not only carry out the different actions included in the Action Plans but also monitor their implementation and results with the support of various local stakeholders. Partners will ensure that the lessons learnt from the cooperation happen and that the Action Plans lead to policy changes.

You can browse directly the Action Plans here.