WaVE partner Delft University of Technology (TU Delft - NL) has written a paper presenting the methodology for organising, preparing for and running knowledge transfer activities at the Interregional Knowledge Exchange Sessions (IKES), which are the WaVE project’s milestones and moments where partners meet and exchange knowledge.

Most of the activities of the process of interregional knowledge transfer of the WaVE project will be developed through three IKES (Interregional Knowledge Exchange Sessions) to be organised in Aarhus (April 2020), Ravenna (September 2020) and Alicante (November 2020).

Each of the three IKES will have an online follow-up session organised by TU Delft, in collaboration with the respective IKES hosts 1-2 months later, with the objective to draw the main lessons from the face-to-face IKES.

Read the Methodology for Interregional Knowledge Exchange Sessions.