The second IKES meeting between partners of the WaVE project took place on 16th and 17th September.

All partners were supposed to visit Ravenna together, but even though they were unable to travel, this did not prevent them from deepening othe lessons learned during the previous meetings.

The innovation element of this meeting consisted in the site-visit videos that the partners prepared during the summer. Through images and interviews, virtual tours to discover the sites involved in the project were organized. In this way, it was possible to better understand the peculiarities and the features of each territory. 

We visited - even just for few minutes - the beautiful places involved in the WaVE Project. 

The videos guided partners throughout the meeting and allowed to discuss and exchange views on the draft Action Plans.

In the coming months, partners will be involved in defining and shaping the actions of their Action Plans, through discussions with stakeholders during the LSG meetings. 

The site visit videos will soon be available to be enjoyed. Stay tuned!